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Pastruccialeddu marchio

Solutions of relaxation

B&B Rooms

Listen to the sounds of nature, away from the noise of the city: experience relaxation with Lu Pastruccialeddu choosing your corner of Gallura within our nine rooms.

check-in: every day 3 p.m. - 8 p.m.

check-out: every day by 10:30 a.m.

Sail to Sardinia

Traveling by ship? Book your arrival in Gallura by ferryboat.

Pastruccialeddu copertina alternativa Suites


28 mq double, triple, quadruple

Newly built, in Gallura style, with traditional room decor. By the swimming pool, ideal for small families.

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Pastruccialeddu copertina Family suite

Family suite

30 mq triple and quadruple

Surrounded by nature and with a dedicated garden area: the ideal space for family relaxation. A great environment for your vacation.

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Pastruccialeddu copertina Primo piano

First floor

15 mq double and triple

Immersed in the mountains of Arzachena, overlooking the Mediterranean brush and by the swimming pool. Small room with sardinian furniture.

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Pastruccialeddu copertina I Gelsomini

I Gelsomini

17 mq double, triple and quadruple

Two adjoining twin bedrooms to immerse yourself in nature. The view of the valley is the perfect backdrop to your relaxation.

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Pastruccialeddu copertina Vista piscina


12 mq single and double

A small external lounge area, overlooking the swimming pool, a cosy environment with a traditional pitched roof: perfect for couples.

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